Subscriber and Editorial Research

The publishing business is quickly changing, and the need to stay in tune with the readership is ever more acute. We have and continue to keep media companies apprised of the latest reader demands.

  • Subscriber studies detail who is reading and what their needs are
  • Editorial studies show what content is most desirable
  • Special target studies go into depth for special readership audiences
  • Conference attendance and vendor studies that relate to the sponsoring media

Our systems benefit our media clients by delivering specialized reports that relate directly to the customers of advertisers and to their product development. And our systems do this at market speed, meaning they have the information on-hand when the decision maker needs it (see our ExecStats dashboard). This adds value to traditional subscriber studies, improves the overall quality of products and services, and tightens the relationship of the advertiser to the media house.

Bottom line: we are helping our media clients to reposition how they deliver their message and content, while retaining the quality and integrity that made them valuable resources over the past years.

Our current and past clients include: TechInsights (formerly CMP Media, Embedded Systems Design), TechWeb (formerly CMP Media, MSDN Magazine, TechNet Magazine, and Dr. Dobb's Journal), Reed Business Information, Genetic Engineering News, Nielsen, Elsevier, 1105 Media (Campus Technology, THE Journal) Veterinary Learning Systems, Novartis and many others. Call Larry Wilson at 530-350-8377 for a quick overview of our media research services and costs or email
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