WRG Month: September 2009

Month: September 2009

Communicating With Designers

As a former product marketing manager (acquistions editor) in the publishing world, I have worked with many a designer on book jackets, book design and artwork. I have always wondered why it was so difficult to get the designer to see what it was that I wanted in a design. Of course I was usually trying to convey functional ideas about what the design should do. And designers always seemed to talk a different kind of language. I eventually — it took many hands on experiences — learned a whole lot from the designers I came into contact with. I am not sure they learned anything from me.

The following link is written by a designer who appreciates the fact that designers (including himself) have some quirky ways. Getting the communications channels uncluttered and working between quirky designers and geeky developers is an interesting challenge. Some good suggestions and thoughts at this blog. Hope these thoughts smooth the waters between two worlds that sometimes seem like unbridgeable two-brane universes, and two types of brains.