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How to use market research

We need to “comprehend, shape, adapt to, and in turn be shaped by an unfolding, evolving reality that is uncertain, ever-changing and unpredictable.” John Boyd, creator of the “OODA Loop.” Have you ever had the experience of seeing a market research report and saying, WOW! that is interesting – I only wish I had known […]

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The Market Intelligence OODA Loop: A Dynamic Business Model

Our whole approach — market research at market speed — centers on putting our clients in front of the data they need for everyday decisions and actions. Speeding up the cycle of information means executing at a faster pace than competitors and paying even more attention to proven research processes. The data must be accurate […]

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Is your company’s direction based on DDD or HIPPOs?

You are likely losing ground if it is not DDD-based. Translation: MIT’s Sloan School has researched and reported that “data driven decision-making” (DDD) is more effective than “highest paid persons opinions” (HIPPOs). Finally, we have some objective evidence that DDD works, it increases profits, sales, and provides better guidance to investments in new product lines […]

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